Friday, June 19, 2009


I got back from Myrtle Beach yesterday with my best friend Nancy! Good times, good times. I spent about two months worth of savings on a 6 day trip. But I had fun, AND, I sorta, kinda, can't wait to go again! I went basically everywhere in Myrtle Beach, including Ocean Blvd. (it just looks cooler in italics,) where I watched this absolutely amazing guy play guitar and sing.

Me, Chris Hutchins (I think that's how you spell his name), and Nancy.

It's time to buckle down and finish my school, get back into shape, move, and then spend some time in Pittsburgh with the family. This is going to be a fun summer - once I finish school. Haha.

So, the adventure for today includes the following: Devii being flung off the hood of a car at twenty-miles-per-hour, and possibly breaking her ankle. We'll find out tomorrow if it's really broken. It was pretty funny though. Anyways, that's what's been up. Going to sleep now, it's not that late, but it sure feels like it. Cleaning my room tomorrow, tons of laundry to do. I'll probably rearrange it again. Who knows. Time for sleep.
Oh! I dyed my hair frosted blonde-y/gold-y/brown-y. I like it. I don't have many good pictures though. Haha.

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