Monday, August 3, 2009


I wake up Saturday, go to work, leave for lunch break, pick up Jessica, drop her off at work, get pizza, go to Nancy's house, Go to the movie's with Nancy, watch The Orphan for the second time, had 13 year-old black girl's act like....13 year-old black girl's, Rob came over, Rob left, Stayed up talking till 6:45 AM with Nancy, Went to sleep, woke up at 12, got breakfast, got Barbie's out of the shed, dressed up Barbie's/watched Little Rascal's for the first time, got picked up, went to watch Harry Potter for the second time, Got crazy bread from Little Caesar's, went home, changed cloths, got picked up by Rob, made a change in plans and went to Tyler's house, Devii got drunk, I ate Raspberry Cobbler, got a text from my mom saying she's coming to pick us up, ran out of the house, then speed to Rob's house to beat my mom there, Devii left her phone at Tyler's, pretended to call Rob and ask for Devii's phone, Brooke gave me her backup phone, Devii and her drunk self almost blew our cover, went home, found out that Tyler's parents won't let Devii back to their house - they found the beer bottles, went to sleep.

And that was my amazing weekend.

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