Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yesterday and a little bit into today was a GIRLS NIGHT! Wooo-hooo. I kind of feel like singing Hannah Montana,..I won't though. The Sister's and I walked the dogs early so we could go out to eat as a family (along with my mom,)! Anyways, the dog walk - oh, boy,..the dog walk.

We leave, and see rain clouds, then Jessika feels a rain drop, right then, we know we're in for it.

About 53 steps later, it starts pouring, and we get drenched. Not just drenched but, drenched. it was the kind of 'drenched' that when you get home and have to take off all your cloths, it takes about, 15 minutes to take your soaking-wet jeans off?

Then we saw a dead mole that drowned in a puddle/:

Finally, my mom gets home, and we decide to eat at this Thai/Japanese restaurant that she'd been wanting to eat at. It was great. Most of the food, and the conversations, that is.

Then we came home and watched Horton Hears a Who!

Before that though, Jessika, Devii, and I all took pictures for NOH8.

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