Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

It's now the weekend. Finally.
I went to my high school football game yesterday and was completely blown off by a certain boy. hmph/: I think I should just get over him. lol. anyways, so, it's Saturday, and I just spent my first waking hour, scrubbing carpet to get dog crap stains out. I'm going to work tomorrow, and then my mother said she'll take me shopping. at Macy's -_- which yes, I am looking forward to, I just have been wanting to go to Hong Kong Vintage for the past month. I barely lasted a week on cloths, and I never have great luck at Macy's. Blah. Then Monday, is destined to be a crappy one. Mom's working, and Dave's off, and we're off for Labor Day. Oh Boy. Things will work out, eventually.

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