Wednesday, September 9, 2009

so soon

so in the past week i've:
had tons of homework,
stayed up till 2 AM to finish it - woke up at 4:45.
packed my room.
painted my door.
had my heart broken-ish.
joined ROTC.
started orchestra.
and bought some adorable article's of clothing that include:
$40 jacket that i adore
$35 boots from target that i'm a tad bit disappointed with.
bought knee-high green-y colored socks that i love.
and got 2 pairs of adorable lacy leggings.

in the next few day's i will:
move into my new house.
get my ROTC uniform.
get over my broken heart.
start fresh.
do all of my homework.
get 8-9 hours of sleep if possible.
start to jog/run/exercise more.

okay. let's get to it.

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