Sunday, December 13, 2009


Well the boy just pretty much dumped me. We weren't even together to begin with, but I guess we were in such a mature relationship that we can be like adults and be friends once you give me no reason to break it off...
HAHA. Or, we can fight for no reason, and you can end up talking shit about me like all of your previous relationships. Why couldn't you just know your subconscious mind from the beginning? Why didn't you just let me know I was the rebound girl. Why did I just have to be another solvable math problem? simple solution.
I do admit that was rather poetic.
Speaking of which, I wrote a short poem. That I'm proud of. Even though it's a little,...different than what I usually write.
If it kills me from the seventh floor, just drop me from the twenty-third. At least I'll fly before I die. At least you'll see my smiling face before you realize you can't take it back. Before the red burns your eyes.

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