Sunday, January 3, 2010


i'm going to get a system down. i'm going to start doing all the shit i've always said i was going to do. it'll be exhausting.
since, in my head, i'm finding reasons to be pissed off at my family memembers, i thought i'd know how peeved i am that jessika asked to wear my new work shirt. and i didn't even get to wear it. so now i have her two smalls, and she has my medium.
she's a mass manipulater. whatever.
time to do my hair and makeup, clean my room, organize my cloths,
(oh, and another thing, a few days ago my mom said, "we'll get you some furniture tomorrow." she said it several times actually.)
but whatever. i'll freaking deal.
then i'll do my math homework. it's weird actually think about doing math homework, in the day time? yeah. and then, i'll walk the dogs, and work out, and drink two liters of water today. and be IN bed, ready to sleep, by 9:45/10.
let's get to it! tons to do.

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