Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I'm binge-eating again and I still haven't lost the weight from the last binge-eating phase! The only thing different really between before and now, is that I have pudding. I did go on a drink-two-glasses-of-water-a-day-phase, but, that only lasted about 2 weeks, though, it did break my previous record of about,...3 days.
I finally got around to calling the insurance people about my phone - they sent me a new one, all is well. It's kind of sad now though; people knowing that my phone works, and nobody texting me. Lol. Story of my life.
So, speaking of life, it's freaking crazy right now! I believe we got a house, and that we might possibly, actually, maybe, 25% sure that I'm 50% sure, that we might, be moving this time. Done talking about that,...
My strawberry pudding tastes like cough medicine. It's kind of disappointing. ):

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