Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I watched Slumdog Millionaire the other day - and I fell in love with it! It really was as good as everyone said. Then, I watched The Princess Bride for the 2,495,743,085th time, but it's one of those things that just can't get old. I'm so, so, so very excited to see Harry Potter. AH. I wanted to go to the midnight showing - of course, it was sold out. maybe tomorrow's midnight showing? I've been all jittery for the past 3 weeks waiting for it to come out, and now, it's officially been out for the past 32 minutes. I'm jealous of anyone who's sitting in the movie theatre watching it right now/: I also watched the first 20 minutes of The Jerk with Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters. She is absolutely amazing, and simply stunning. It's sad that only people my mothers age know about her really.

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